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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Configure Wine on Redhat Linux / CentOS

                                  Configure Wine on Redhat Linux / CentOS

Introduction: Wine is one interface to install Windows application on Linux platform. There are many people who has doubt about running windows application (exp: Microsoft Office, .Net Framework or VLC/Teamviwer ) kind application, for that Wine is best way to install, Here We are covering how to configure / install wine 1.7 on CentOS 6.5 and how to run exe on it.

Requirement: (Need some services to be run)
1. Wine Binary Files (To Download Click Here )
2. Yum Server (Need to install some dependency by Yum , To know how to configure Yum Click Here )


Install Dependency before starting wine configuration

[root@proxy2 ~]#yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'

[root@proxy2 ~]#yum install libX11-devel freetype-devel zlib-devel libxcb-devel

Once all dependency installation get over move with wine configuration.

[root@proxy2 ~]#cd /usr/src (Download file from net in this location or its your choice where you feel to keep downloaded file)

[root@proxy2 src]wget  http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/wine/wine-1.7.31.tar.bz2 (Download file by using wget command)

[root@proxy2 src]tar xjf wine-1.7.31.tar.bz2 (Unzip the directory by using tar command)

[root@proxy2 src]cd wine-1.7.31/ (change the directory  wine directory)

[root@proxy2 wine-1.7.31]./configure (Run the configure script file, this will take more than 20-30 min)

[root@proxy2 wine-1.7.31]make (Run the make command, this will take more than 45 min)

[root@proxy2 wine-1.7.31]make install (Run the make & install command, this will take more than 45 min)

How to use wine for exe:
 Take any exe file copy in to your linux machine -- > Right click --> Load this file with wine program --> click Next (same as per your requirement to install)

Note: Once Wine configuration over, when you load 1st time any exe with wine its takes more time to load, while running 1st time any exe it will do basic configuration itself, so in this 1st time it will configure mono & gecko installer. For mono configuration it will take long time to download and configure sometime it wont configure correctly in that case you manually have to download and configure, Mono is required for to use .Net applications.

Thanks & Regards,
Sandeep CC